Plexiglas (PMMA)

One of the best-known materials in our product range is PMMA, also known under trade name Plexiglas®. It is a synthetic, glass-like plastic material. Due to its high transparency and 92% light transmittance, PMMA is used, inter alia, in glazing and displays. However, the plastic is used, for example, as cover even in the dyed condition, colloquially called acrylic glass.

Plexiglas is low in weight, weather-resistant and flexible. Therefore, it can be drilled, filed, sawed and deformed under heat. The shaping possibilities of Plexiglas are extremely broad. Not only can it serve as a glass replacement for windows, it can also be used in bowls for household. Other main characteristics are its temperature resistance from -20°C to +80°C, very good surface quality and conditional impact resistance.

This plastic was under parallel development in Germany, Great Britain and Spain in the 1920s. Historically, Plexiglas has been used, among other things, to manufacture the first plastic contact lenses and turntable tops. Today, Plexiglas is used in various areas, including medicine, construction and aeronautics; it is also of frequent demand by our customers.

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