Key Competences

CNC Production

Precision in every dimension

We use CNC machines with the state-of-the-art control technology to produce workpieces with pinpoint accuracy. A variety of special tools ensures flawless results. Our machine park lies at the heart of our company. We have, among other things, several portal millers with vacuum clamping surfaces of up to two by three meters and a five-axis tool milling machine with zero point clamping system as well as a CNC lathe with third axis and driven tools.

Tempering and Hot Forming

We apply the tempering process before machining semi-finished plastic products. Our convection oven with processor-controlled temperature enables us to keep plastics at one temperature for several hours or days

in order to gently free them of their stresses. This means that no cracks or deformations can form during further processing. Reliable holding and finely adjusted temperature lowering or raising are a prerequisite for highly precise and flawless production. Heat treatment also makes the materials more stable and resistant to chemicals.

Plant Engineering

From plastic bodies to oversized tubes

From plastic bodies to oversized tubes The range of plant engineering services covers the manufacture of containers, tanks, baths, linings, base bodies, suction hoods, machine protection equipment and covers as well as complex custom products. The tanks individually built according to your technical drawings are finished by hand using precise welding techniques and thoroughly tested for tightness. Only tested precision products leave our company.

Certificates: Specialized company certified according to WHG / Plastics Welder Qualification Test according to DVS 2212-1

We combine high-tech and handicraft in a precise form:
manufacture-quality plastics processing


Acrylic Glass

Plastic in impressive shapes

Its enormous variety of colors, structures, surfaces and semi-finished product shapes makes Plexiglas® the flagship material par excellence. We manufacture, inter alia, for the following sectors: shopfitting and sales, architecture, interior design and decoration, medical devices, museums / art objects, lighting and lamp units, model building and exhibition, illuminated advertising, hoods, showcases and covers – with screen printing on request. When it comes to display production, Plexiglas® can be processed with or without cutting. We attach the greatest importance to perfect bonding and a flawless brilliance.

Custom Products

From the development and design of the technical

construction through to the choice of materials and the manufacturing process itself, we support you in implementing your individual ideas regarding the product. Custom-made products and the production of technically sophisticated product variations have always been an essential and integral part of our range of services, because special things are our specialty.

Technical Plastic Parts

Key elements of machine and fixture construction

The SM range covers a wide variety of high-quality technical plastic parts that we customize to meet your needs. The materials include, inter alia, PA, POM and PE-1000, high-tech materials like PEEK, PTFE and PVDF and those with special properties and approvals, e.g. electrically conductive materials or those approved by 10/2011/EU and FDA.


Consulting, planning and implementation


First impressions count. We therefore invite you to personally get an idea of us and our offers. We advise you competently and without obligation. Together with you, we choose the optimal plastics, the best manufacturing method and the smartest, most sustainable and most efficient way of implementation for your project. Regardless of whether you have a rough idea or a detailed model, we will do our best for you, because we share the same focus: building the future from ideas in partnership.


We would be happy to visit you for specific project planning, to work with you to decide on the best solution for the product’s future use. This way, we will optimally adapt our processes to your needs. Your design plans play a decisive role. If there are no technical drawings, we will create them for you, exactly to meet your needs and requirements. Step by step we work out the most sustainable and smartest way to your product.


State-of-the-art technical processes and a special range of precision tools are available to fully meet all requirements of the customer. Our manufacturing process includes: machining, hot forming, tempering, bending, drilling, welding and laser machining. Adhesive bonding, screw fitting, polishing or chamfering is carefully done by hand. Our quality control is meticulous, only flawless goods leave our house. On time, of course.

Please note: Our entire range of services also covers small batch production.
SM Kunststofftechnologie provides the greatest degree of flexibility.


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