Makrolon (PC)

Material Makrolon®, also called polycarbonate (PC), is a plastic also present in our product range. Above all, it is characterized by its very high impact strength and crack resistance, light weight and optimal translucency. Other advantages of this plastic include very good fire class rating, weather resistance and UV stability.

Polycarbonate is transparent and colorless, but can be dyed in any color. It is stable, relatively scratch-resistant and therefore can be used in various fields of application. Inter alia, Makrolon can be found in CDs and DVDs, eyeglass lenses, protective housings and visors.

Thanks to its perfect properties, PC is increasingly used in the fields where other plastics appear to be too soft, too fragile, scratch-sensitive, too little dimensionally stable or not transparent enough. That is why, it is perfect for housings or covers in mechanical and plant engineering or serves as an alternative for glazing and roofing. No matter what our customers want to use Makrolon for, we will provide competent advice.

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