Training as a
process technician

for plastics and rubber parts

The Job

Process technicians at SM Kunststofftechnologie succeed in making the most beautiful plastic welds in the world. We would like to pass on our knowledge and skills to you as a trainee.

Process technician for plastics and rubber mainly manufacture components by hand supported by machines like, for example, our convection oven with processor-controlled temperature, forming devices, conventional tool machines and hot gas welding equipment. Using our customers’ technical drawings, process technicians plan and calculate the material requirements and independently choose the most efficient production route. During your apprenticeship, you will learn how to configure and operate the machines and how to process a wide variety of plastics.

Being able to deal with specific properties of each type of material is multifaceted and demanding at the same time.

This craftsman-like work requires real sensitivity, precision, patience and care. The products created are ultimately used in shopfitting, by architects, in medical devices, packaging machines or even food refrigeration systems.

Your future at SM Kunststofftechnologie can begin now.

This is what you can expect

  • three years of dual training
  • vocational school in Emmendingen (three weeks of block instruction)
  • materials science
  • different processing methods for plastics and rubber
  • configuration and operation of machines
  • craftsman-like work
  • learning on the customer product
  • self-responsibility
  • competent expert support
  • a great team
  • humor and good mood
  • creativity

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