SM Kunststofftechnologie GmbH uses welding for plastic molding. Our customers can choose between three different welding processes optimized for various areas of application. In particular, we offer our customers hot gas, extrusion and butt welding.

Thanks to our experience built up over more than four decades, the various welding processes we apply at our company comply with the highest standards of quality. The products manufactured individually are visually brilliant and are characterized by high quality workmanship. Welding is particularly suitable for the following production:
• hot-gas string bead and hot gas welding
• extruder welding
• heating element butt welding

With our innovative technologies and high-quality process engineering, we are able to process plastic materials based on our customers’ individual preferences and requirements. In addition to the three welding processes, we offer a variety of materials to optimally tailor custom-made products to your individual preferences and requirements. We are happy to advise our customers personally to determine the welding process optimal for them. This way we ensure that the custom-made product can be optimally integrated into their individual concept.

If you have any further questions about hot gas, extrusion or butt welding, you are welcome to contact us at 0781-96 91 89-0 or simply fill out our contact form.