Technical Plastic Parts

Technical plastic parts are key elements of the classic machine and fixture construction. We therefore offer our customers a variety of technical plastic parts of the highest quality that can be ideally tailored to their individual needs. In addition, they can choose between a great number of materials with different high-quality properties.

We are happy to support our customers from brainstorming to their individual technical plastic parts production. They can benefit from many years of our experience, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and high-quality machines. We also provide our customers with competent and comprehensive advice in construction design, in a suitable plastic selection or a search for a cost-effective solution for their concept realization. Moreover, we gladly produce individual custom-made products for them.

The range of available materials for our technical plastic parts includes classic variants like PA, POM and PE-1000, high-tech materials like PEEK, PTFE and PVDF, and also rare materials like Becorit® or PAS-80X®. The range is complete with materials having special properties and approvals like electrically conductive materials or those approved by BGA and FDA.

If you have any further questions about technical plastic parts, you are welcome to contact us at 0781-96 91 89-0 or simply fill out our contact form.