Polystyrene (PS)

Polystyrene (PS) is a transparent, white foamed thermoplastic material we have had in our range of materials for a long time. Amorphous polystyrene is a plastic widely used by our customers in many areas of application. Polystyrene foam is better known in Germany under the name Styrofoam.
Solid, amorphous polystyrene is transparent, hard and impact sensitive. It can be dyed in all colors and welded almost seamlessly. The material is often used in electrical engineering because of its very good insulating properties. That is why switches, cases and bobbin coil formers are made of it.

However, polystyrene can also be found in mass-produced items like video tapes, yoghurt pots and civil engineering insulating materials. Because of its very good machinability, it is also often used by model builders and landscape designers.

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