Plant Engineering

SM Kunststofftechnologie GmbH is the perfect partner for facility production in plant engineering. Whether it’s a simple plastic element or a meter-long bath, the range of custom-made products we are able to manufacture for our customers is very extensive. In addition, you can choose from a variety of plastics in plant engineering. The available materials range from PVC and PE to PP and PVDF.

We support our customers from brainstorming to the production of their desired products. Moreover, our customers also have the opportunity to get custom-made plant engineering products. As a reliable partner, we are happy to advise our customers by placing our expertise at their disposal in every step: from brainstorming to implementation.

Owing to many years of plant engineering experience, we can boast of a wide-ranging customer base. Therefore, our client base includes companies working in the following industries: electroplating, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, medical engineering, the graphics arts industry, painting technology, machinery and fixture engineering, the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry as well as filtration and treatment technology. Accordingly, our range of services in the field of plant engineering is extensive. It includes, inter alia, the following:
• containers
• pools
• baths
• linings
• superstructures
• base structures
• suction hoods
• machine protection equipment and covers

If you have any further questions about plant engineering, you are welcome to contact us at 0781-96 91 89-0 or simply fill out our contact form.