Facilities for Offset and Repro Printing

We manufacture individual facilities in the offset and repro printing laboratory for the graphic arts industry. We support our customers from brainstorming and consulting to realization. Of course, we also offer the opportunity to have custom products tailored to our customers’ needs.

True to our long-established slogan “Technology in its most beautiful form”, we continue to provide our customers with our comprehensive product range. The materials used in the equipment for offset and repro printing laboratories and their individual processing are of the highest quality and adapted to the our customers’ requirements. They can choose between different materials, the dimensions and color of which can be adjusted to their wishes.

Inter alia, our range of services includes the following:
• Offset basin with and without cuvette
• Sieve rinsing pools with and without lighting
• Rack and roller sinks
• Special basins designed to meet customers’ requirements
• Custom-made floor troughs
• Photo trays

If you have any further questions about offset and repro printing, you are welcome to contact us at 0781-96 91 89-0 or simply fill out our contact form.