Adhesive Bonding

The process of adhesive bonding in plastic technology has a variety of applications. Depending on the material used, there are various perfectly suitable adhesive methods. The adhesive we use is a bubble-free component adhesive perfect for optically sophisticated bonding. We adapt the materials and the technology used in the bonding process to the individual wishes and requirements of our customers.

With over 40 years of experience in the plastics industry, we can guarantee our customers that we only use the best practices and materials of the highest quality tailored to their individual needs. Adhesive bonding covers the following areas of application:
• Surface adhesive bonding (clear and colored)
• PC, acrylic glass, PS and PVC solvent bonding

With our customer oriented approach, we ensure that gluing meets our customers’ requirements in the best possible way and they are always and fully satisfied with the products. We consult with our customers to produce very individual custom-made products manufactured using the bonding techniques of their choice, so that they can be optimally integrated into their concepts.

If you have any further questions about bonding, you are welcome to contact us at 0781-96 91 89-0 or simply fill out our contact form.