Training as a
CNC machining mechanic

The Job

Machining mechanics manufacture indispensable parts that are installed in vehicles, planes and machines, and are sometimes also used in clinics for lifesaving! State-of-the-art computer-controlled machines and techniques are used in the production process to ensure absolute precision, because only this way each component can fulfill its function. Technical drawings form the basis.

With the help of a computer-aided design and manufacturing program, the drawing is converted into a digital model that is processed by CNC machines and creates a physical part. A high level of technical and mathematical understanding as well as spatial imagination is required here. The knowledge learned at school is implemented directly on the commissioned customer product using our 5-axis milling/portal milling machines and lathes, and the CAD/CAM software.

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This is what you can expect

  • three and a half years of dual training
  • vocational school in Emmendingen (1×/week)
  • materials science
  • 5-axis milling/portal milling machines and lathes
    CAD/CAM software skills
  • programming skills for computer-controlled machines
  • learning on the customer product
  • self-responsibility
  • competent expert support
  • a great team
  • humor and good mood
  • creativity


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